White, Yellow or Rose Gold?

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Rose or pink gold has been a fun “new” twist to the traditional gold color choices the last several years. New is not really accurate, as Rose Gold was highly popular in the Roaring 20’s, previously.

For the last 30 years White Gold has ruled the roost. Classic Yellow Gold has been a distant second.

Rose Gold can enhance many gemstones. Most notably Morganite, Kunzite and Amethyst. Brown or Chocolate diamonds look outstanding in Rose Gold.

Emeralds, rubies and yellowish diamonds cry for Yellow Gold.

White Gold works with most everything except extremely off color diamonds.

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Now what makes White Gold white when we all know gold is gold color? Likewise Rose Gold?

It’s all in the alloys mixed in with the fine yellow gold.

For Rose Gold, copper & silver are the alloys that result in the pinkish color. Nickel, silver & palladium are the most common alloys in White gold.

The choice of gold color is totally up to you. Trends change over time. Most recently Marquirette’s has seen a definite move back to yellow gold and will be increasing their yellow gold styling accordingly in 2020.