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Marquirette started in the retail jewelry business in Montgomery, Alabama, in the 1980s. She moved to New York as a jewelry designer and national marketing director in 1990. After 8 years, with stops in Bombay and Bangkok, Marquirette returned home to Montgomery in 1998.

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Marquiretteabout 1 FM Brand Everyday Social Insta1080x1080 JourneyInscr2Marquirette continued selling to thousands of retail stores in US, Canada, the Carribean and Australia till she opened Marquirette’s in 2003. Lyle Fields has followed in the footsteps of his Uncle Harry and father, David Fields. Both his father and uncle began in the diamond business just after WWII working under the tillage of Harry Winston at his prestigious Fifth Avenue office.  

Lyle began sorting diamonds as a summer job in 1965. After graduating from the University of Rochester, Lyle specialized in purchasing diamonds from the bourses in Antwerpen and Ramat Gan. Lyle has traveled to the major diamond trading centers around the world over 150 times. Lyle is one of the few American’s to personally have conferred with Sir Charles Oppenheimer of DeBeers.

Lyle was a regular “site holder” of DeBeers (Diamond Trading Company) during the 1980′s. The renowned diamond world bank ABN-AMRO; Netherlands conveyed the convented title of DIAMANTAIRE on Lyle Fields in 1994. Lyle along with Marquirette merchandised diamond and color stone jewelry for AAFES, Ross-Simon, Zales, Ames Department Stores, Sam’s Club, Caldor’s, HSN, Fred Meyers, Venture as well has 4000 independent retail jewelry stores.

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